‘The Blogger’s Red String’

This is my first post in english which neither is my mother tongue nor my second language. Audiences who watched my very first presentation The Blogger’s Red String in ‘Slideshare’s World Best Presentation 2010 Contest‘, might a bit dissapointed when visiting rioseto’s blog. Postings were not in english; the ‘translate’ button didn’t do its job well.. do accept my apology.

On the left is the presentation stats a week after being uploaded. Aha, only 8 visitors with 5 downloads and 2 votes are taking benefit among 1,357 1,369 and within 120 minutes rises up to 1462 visitors. Amazing isn’ it and the number, who cares?

I care. A closer look at competitors’ presentations: tens of thousand visitors, full of comments, many followers, wonderful contents, colorful, simple, funny and easy to understand topics, etc. etc., signalled me I didn’t pick the right path, did I? Shouldn’t make it too complicated.

The presentation tried to introduce one main big issue, our world population in year 2050, as a basis or root if we wish, for creating various topics in our posting. No matter where and who we are, what job we are in, we surely able to find topics related to this issue. We can start from anywhere, push and expand further it into relevant details until finish; get some additional flavors like image, sound, video, and ..voila, there we are!

An example.  Taking a photo or video is getting more and more popular nowadays; this feature becomes almost as standard in every information gadgets like cameras (of course), computers, cellular phones. The media technology enables us to ease complex information. Well, if information is a collection of words,  “..a picture is worth a thousand words” may need be updated into something like “..a video is worth a million words“?

Let’s expand. Say, each from 1 billion people has 1 or more information gadgets. What impact will it be on our environment, resources, health, education, poverty, security, and so on. In a lower level like education, computer assisted instruction (CAI) will gain its benefit very soon. In business, think of having your own movie production house (or tv studio?). Competition is tough so be smart in choosing niche(s) and above all, the most important key is ..creativity!

These are lessons learned from entering the contest.

This blog is now getting confused, is it worthy be written in dual language? Do me a favor please by leaving a comment, opinion, or vote in the reply box. Thank you so much.

😀 rio looking 💡 to better blogging.

this is my first post in english; my 2nd post: ‘The Difference between Digicam and Camcorder’.

oops, the table over here is missing; data erased unintentionally and can’t get it back.
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2 comments on “‘The Blogger’s Red String’
  1. […] this is my learning curve to write a post in english; this is the 2nd, the first was ‘The Blogger’s Red String’. […]

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